• L. Ron Hubbard began the first lecture in this series with six words that would change the world forever: “This is a course in Scientology.” From there, he not only described the vast scope of this, a then brand-new subject, he also detailed his discoveries on past lives. He proceeded from there to the description of the first E-Meter and its initial use in uncovering the theta line (the entire track of a thetan’s existence), as entirely distinct from the genetic body line(the time track of bodies and their physical evolution), shattering the “one-life” lie and revealing the whole track of spiritual existence. Here, then, is the very genesis of Scientology.
  • Besieged with requests for lectures on his latest breakthroughs, L. Ron Hubbard replied with everything they wanted and more at the Second Annual Conference of Dianetic Auditors. Describing the technology that lies behind the self-processing steps of the Handbook—here is the how and why of it all: the discovery of Life Continuum—the mechanism by which an individual is compelled to carry on the life of another deceased or departed individual, generating in his own body the infirmities and mannerisms of the departed. Combined with auditor instruction on use of the Chart of Attitudes in determining how to enter every case at the proper gradient, here, too, are directions for dissemination of the Handbookand hence, the means to begin wide-scale clearing.
  • With the codification of the Axioms came the means to address key points on a case that could unravel all aberration. Basic Postulates, Prime Thought, Cause and Effect and their effect on everything from memory and responsibility to an individual’s own role in empowering engrams—these matters are only addressed in this series. Here, too, is the most complete description of the Service Facsimile found anywhere—and why its resolution removes and individual’s self-imposed disabilities.  
  • Prediction of Human Behavior
    Underlying the development of the Tone Scale and Chart of Human Evaluation was a monumental breakthrough: The Theta-MEST Theory, containing the explanation of the interaction between Life—theta —with the physical universe of Matter, Energy, Space and Time— MEST. In these lectures, delivered to students immediately following publication of the book, L. Ron Hubbard gave the most expansive description of all that lies behind the Chart of Human Evaluation and its application in life itself. Moreover, here also is the explanation of how the ratio of theta and en(turbulated)-thetadetermines one’s position on the Tone Scale and the means to ascend to higher states.
  • Following six months of coast-to-coast travel, lecturing to the first Dianeticists, L. Ron Hubbard assembled auditors in Los Angeles for a new Professional Course. The subject was his next sweeping discovery on life—the ARC Triangle, describing the interrelationship of Affinity, Reality and Communication. Through a series of fifteen lectures, he announced many firsts, including the Spectrum of Logic, containing an infinity of gradients from right to wrong; ARC and the Dynamics; the Tone Scales of ARC; the Auditor’s Code and how it relates to ARC; and the Accessibility Chart that classifies a case and how to process it. Here, then, is both the final statement on Book One Auditing Procedures and the discovery upon which all further research would advance. The data in these lectures was thought to be lost for over fifty years and is only available in student notes published in Notes on the Lectures. The original recordings have now been discovered making them broadly available for the first time. Here, also, is both the final statement on Book One Auditing Procedures and the discovery upon which all further research would advance. Life in its highest state, Understanding, is composed of Affinity, Reality and Communication. And, as L. Ron Hubbard said, the best description of the ARC Triangle to be found anywhere is in these lectures.
  • Immediately following the publication of Dianetics, LRH began lecturing to packed auditoriums across America. Although addressing thousands at a time, demand continued to grow. To meet that demand, his presentation in Oakland, California, was recorded. In these four lectures, Mr. Hubbard related the events that sparked his investigation and his personal journey to his groundbreaking discoveries. He followed it all with a personal demonstration of Dianetics auditing—the only such demonstration of Book One available.