The Factors: Admiration & the Renaissance of Beingness


Admiration and the Renaissance of Beingness

With the potentials of a thetan fully established came a look outward resulting in L. Ron Hubbard’s monumental discovery of a universal solvent and the basic laws of the theta universe—laws quite literally senior to anything: The Factors: Summation of the Considerations and Examinations of the Human Spirit and Material Universe. So dramatic were these breakthroughs, he expanded the book Scientology 8-8008, both clarifying previous discoveries and adding chapter after chapter which, studied with these lectures, provide a postgraduate level to the Doctorate Course. Here then are lectures containing the knowledge of universal truth unlocking the riddle of creation itself.

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More About The Factors: Admiration & the Renaissance of Beingness

“This universe is a big joke, but this universe was a big mystery. This universe has methods of perceiving and hidden influences in it. If it has hidden influences in it, then it gives you something that has to be . And if it’s something that has to be understood then you’re in a bad way, because then you can only—you can think about it. It isn’t something, thenunderstood, you understand. It’s something you can be. Can you be parts of this universe? Boy, I’ll say you can.” —L. Ron Hubbard

It was the spring of 1953 and having returned to London from Philadelphia, Mr. Hubbard was soon extending special invitations announcing a new Professional Course.

It was an astonishing announcement for more than a few reasons. 1952 had already seen an unrelenting wave of breakthroughs and new technology. Beginning with the first course on Scientology, it had already advanced to the whole track, electronics of human thought and the very anatomy of theta and Operating Thetan. In point of fact—and  if only to emphasize the new plateau that had been reached—was L. Ron Hubbard’s legendary Philadelphia Doctorate Course of December/January 1952/1953.

Yet if that course did, indeed, embrace the vast scope of the very essence of life itself, it also opened the gate to something even greater: The Factors: Summation of the Considerations and Examinations of the Human Spirit and Material Universe. Here was far more than merely the “next level of advance.” he had brought the entire subject to such a level of precision and cohesion that his 30 statement summation was no less than monumental, providing the very laws of the theta universe which are, quite literally, Universal Truth. Moreover, that truth could not only be known, it could be experienced.

Then, too, while those Factors unlock the riddle of creation, the final breakthrough that made it possible was no less universal:

“You know that people keep talking about the universal solvent. You know the universal solvent is something you couldn’t even keep in a bucket. And the reason you couldn’t keep this in a bucket is it’d go through the bucket and if it hit the ground, it’d go through the planet. Universal solvent would eventually eat up the whole universe. And there have been a lot of stories about the universal solvent. Well, we had to discover it here, I’m sorry to say. It happens to be admiration.

While as for the power of that universal solvent, Mr. Hubbard further describes how, with admiration alone, one could make MEST disappear and, theoretically, even make the universe go boom—to say nothing of one’s own case. And that is why the lectures he was about to deliver were something virtually nobody could have expected: a postgraduate to the very Doctorate Course, the course of YOU.

Then, too, came the expansion of Scientology 8-8008, not only amplifying what the book already contained, but providing no less than eight new chapters—The Factors, Universes, Behavior of Universes, Terminals, Logic, Assist Processing, Communication and new technology of Certainty Processing.

Welcome, then, to the revelations unveiled by L. Ron Hubbard on the London Spring Professional Course.

The Factors: Admiration & the Renaissance of Beingness 2

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O autorovi:

l ron hubbard zakladateľ scientologie

L. Ron Hubbard (*1911) bol americký filozof, inžinier a držiteľ 4 Guinessových rekordov. Výsledky jeho výskumu (od roku 1932 - 1986) priniesli mnohé odpovede na otázky fungovania človeka, mysle a života. Prostredníctvom svojich diel (viac ako 5000 písomností a 3000 nahraných prednášok) je jeho práca tým najväčším uceleným súborom údajov o ľudskej mysli a duši.

Knihy a prednášky L. Ron Hubbarda boli preložené do 71 jazykov a jeho 11 000 organizácií sa rozprestiera v 167 krajinách na 5 kontinentoch Zeme.

Žiadny výrok necharakterizuje L. Ron Hubbarda lepšie ako:

"Rád pomáham druhým a sledovať človeka, ako sa oslobodzuje od tieňov, ktoré zatemňujú jeho dni považujte za najväčšie potešenie v mojom živote."