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Technique 80 Lectures

As L. Ron Hubbard explained, “Technique 80 is the To Be or Not To BeTechnique.” With that, he unveiled the crucial foundation on which ability and sanity rest: the being’s capacity to make a decision. Here, then, is the anatomy of “maybe,” the Wavelengths of ARC, the Tone Scale of Decisions, and the means to rehabilitate a being’s ability To Be …almost anything.

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You actually control, command and create time. So as you go up the Tone Scale, you’re not asking for anything to survive against a span of time. You want something to be and to be does not include time. —L. Ron Hubbard

What are the capabilities of a theta being? Just how powerful is a being who cannot die, who natively is not even a part of the physical universe? What forces, in the span of the whole track, could be responsible for bringing that vital being down to such a state that he would think he was a body?

The year was 1952 and he moved from Wichita, Kansas, to Phoenix, Arizona, opening the first Office of L. Ron Hubbard. There, on the edge of the desert at the base of Camelback Mountain, he began the first instruction of Scientology at what was to be the center of Scientology activities for many years. Here was the nucleus of what would become the first worldwide organization, The Hubbard Association of Scientologists.

The month was May and Mr. Hubbard had just completed his research with the first E-Meter, isolating and detailing the key incidents and implants on the whole track. And so came the need for and development of an auditing technique far in advance of previous procedures only addressing the current life.

He released his discoveries in what were quite literally open-air lectures, given nightly amid the orange groves, providing the most highly advanced procedure to date: Technique 80.

Rather than looking through all the tangle and confusion in the preclear’s bank, L. Ron Hubbard had discovered a new approach: “Technique 80 is the practice of beingness on each dynamic successively, and the practice of beingness on a dynamic until you can be that whole dynamic.”

In these lectures, he bridges the gap between the current scene and the ideal. Prepare yourself for an expansion of causative beingness across all of your dynamics. Technique 80 is your route to infinity.

In the accompanying guide you will find diagrams, scales and even the Dianetic Jingles given to students by Mr. Hubbard during the concluding lecture and of which he later wrote: “If you can decipher these, you’ll know everything there is to know.”

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O autorovi:

l ron hubbard zakladateľ scientologie

L. Ron Hubbard (*1911) bol americký filozof, inžinier a držiteľ 4 Guinessových rekordov. Výsledky jeho výskumu (od roku 1932 - 1986) priniesli mnohé odpovede na otázky fungovania človeka, mysle a života. Prostredníctvom svojich diel (viac ako 5000 písomností a 3000 nahraných prednášok) je jeho práca tým najväčším uceleným súborom údajov o ľudskej mysli a duši.

Knihy a prednášky L. Ron Hubbarda boli preložené do 71 jazykov a jeho 11 000 organizácií sa rozprestiera v 167 krajinách na 5 kontinentoch Zeme.

Žiadny výrok necharakterizuje L. Ron Hubbarda lepšie ako:

"Rád pomáham druhým a sledovať človeka, ako sa oslobodzuje od tieňov, ktoré zatemňujú jeho dni považujte za najväčšie potešenie v mojom živote."