• V skutočnosti ste OBRI zviazaní bavlnenými nitkami

    Príručka pre preclearov je preslávený návod na seba-processing, ktorý predstavuje prechod od predmetu Dianetiky k Scientológii. Obsahuje prelomové objavy, ktoré odhalili jav ŽIVOTNÉHO KONTINUA – mechanizmu, v rámci ktorého každý človek preberá neschopnosti tých, ktorí umreli alebo odišli, až nakoniec už vôbec nežije svoj vlastný život. Nájdete tu teda odpovede na to, ako sa zbaviť všetkých tých častí „vás“, ktoré v skutočnosti nie ste VY.
  • Odkryte PRVÉ PRELOMOVÉ OBJAVY odhaľujúce tajomstvá mysle

    Dianetika: Pôvodná štúdia je prvý Hubbardov popis Dianetiky. Pôvodne koloval ako rukopis v kruhu pár priateľov, no čoskoro sa začal kopírovať a odovzdávať z ruky do ruky a doslova obehol zemeguľu. Výsledná ústna propaganda priliala olej do ohňa. Na základe tisícov listov so žiadosťami o ďalšie informácie pán Hubbard usúdil, že jediný spôsob, ako zodpovedať všetky otázky, je napísať knihu. Tou knihou bola Dianetika: Moderná veda o duševnom zdraví, ktorá je dnes najčítanejšou knihou o mysli. Zistite, čím to celé začalo. Tu totiž nájdete základné objavy a rovnice Dianetiky. Dostupnosť: Na sklade (posielame ihneď)  Pri nákupe nad 33€ máte poštovné zadarmo.
  • While Fundamentals of Thought stands as an introduction to the subject for beginners, it also contains a distillation of fundamentals for every Scientologist. Here are the in-depth descriptions of those fundamentals, each lecture one-half hour in length and providing, one-by-one, a complete mastery of a single Scientology breakthrough—Axioms 1–10; The Anatomy of Control; Handling of Problems; Start, Change and Stop; Confusion and Stable Data; Exteriorization; Valences and more—the why behind them, how they came to be and their mechanics. And it’s all brought together with the Code of a Scientologist, point by point, and its use in actually creating a new civilization. In short, here are the lectures that make a Professional Scientologist—one who can apply the subject to every aspect of life.
  • Communication! Freedom & Ability

    The historic Congress announcing the reunification of the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology with the release of Dianetics 55! Until now, each had operated in their own sphere: Dianetics addressed Man as Man—the first four dynamics—while Scientology addressed life itself—the Fifth to Eighth Dynamics. The formula which would serve as the foundation for all future development was contained in a single word: Communication. It was a paramount breakthrough L. Ron Hubbard would later call, “the great discovery of Dianetics and Scientology.” Here, then, are the lectures, as it happened.  
  • Freeing the Human Spirit

    Here is the panoramic view of Scientology complete. Having codified the subject of Scientology in The Creation of Human Ability,L. Ron Hubbard then delivered a series of half-hour lectures to specifically accompany a full study of the book. From the essentialsthat underlie the technology—The Axioms, Conditions of Existenceand Considerations and Mechanics, to the processes of Intensive Procedure, including twelve lectures describing one-by-one the thetan exterior processes of Route 1—it’s all covered in full, providing a conceptual understanding of the science of knowledge and native state OT ability. Here then are the bedrock principles upon which everything in Scientology rests, including the embracive statement of the religion and its heritage—Scientology, Its General Background.Hence, this is the watershed lecture series on Scientology itself, and the axiomatic foundation for all future research.
  • Admiration and the Renaissance of Beingness
    With the potentials of a thetan fully established came a look outward resulting in L. Ron Hubbard’s monumental discovery of a universal solvent and the basic laws of the theta universe—laws quite literally senior to anything: The Factors: Summation of the Considerations and Examinations of the Human Spirit and Material Universe. So dramatic were these breakthroughs, he expanded the book Scientology 8-8008, both clarifying previous discoveries and adding chapter after chapter which, studied with these lectures, provide a postgraduate level to the Doctorate Course. Here then are lectures containing the knowledge of universal truth unlocking the riddle of creation itself.
  • This renowned series stands as the largest single body of work on the anatomy, behavior and potentials of the spirit of Man ever assembled, providing the very fundamentals which underlie the route to Operating Thetan. Here it is in complete detail—the thetan’s relationship to the creation, maintenance and destruction of universes. In just those terms, here is the anatomy of matter, energy, space and time, and postulating universes into existence. Here, too, is the thetan’s fall from whole track abilities and the universal lawsby which they are restored. In short, here is L. Ron Hubbard’s codification of the upper echelon of theta beingness and behavior. Lecture after lecture fully expands every concept of the course text, Scientology 8-8008, providing the total scope of you in native state. Includes accompanying reproductions of the original 54 LRH hand-drawn lecture charts.
  • While in preparation of his newest book and the Doctorate Course he was about to deliver, L. Ron Hubbard called together auditors for a new Professional Course. As he said, “For the first time with this class we are stepping, really, beyond the scope of the word Survival.”From that vantage point, The Command of Theta gives the technology that bridges the knowledge from 8-80 to 8-8008, and provides the first full explanation of the subject of Cause and a permanent shift of orientation in life from MEST to Theta.
  • Beginning with the announcement of his new book—Scientology 8-80—L. Ron Hubbard not only unveiled his breakthroughs of theta as the Source of Life Energy, but detailed the Methods of Research he used to make that and every other discovery of Dianetics and Scientology: the Qs and Logics—methods of thinking applicable to any universe or thinking process. Here, then, is both how to thinkand how to evaluate all data and knowledge, and thus, the linchpin to a full understanding of both Scientology and life itself.